Did you ever think that family members from generations ago could wish their loved ones a Happy New Years? Or, that right now, you could create a 50th happy birthday message by text or video for your newborn relative that he or she wouldn't see until his or her 50th birthday?

By assigning a unique family code to each side of your family, FAMILY PICTURE WILL enables relatives to say connected for generations allowing them to communicate now and 10, 20, or 100 years in the future. Send a message to a family member now, or create a photo, video or text to be delivered to family members in 100 years.

Share not only with present family but also future generations on how your family celebrated holidays. See what your parents and grandparents wore on their wedding days. Build a page for a new family member to store baby pictures and memories until he or she is old enough to add to it independently. Creating your own picture will through a collage of photos, videos, and messages allows unborn relatives in the years to come to know you by inheriting all your post and revisiting your happiest times together.

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